While romping around at the West Bijou Creek today I stumbled upon several healthy shoots of wild asparagus! The sight was hardly believable as I've only heard of such encounters through food books like Euell Gibbons 1962 classic Stalking the Wild Asparagus and Barbara Kingsolver's recipe-filled memoir Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Both writings show off the culinary delights situated in a healthy local knowledge.

Asparagus is a feisty and complex perennial. A gardener must wait several years for any worthwhile crop and even then its season is short. It is best picked slender in spring. And while mostly domesticated, it can be found sprouting in the wild. An experienced forager equipped with the intricacies of place can quickly harvest enough for a family dinner. An artist wondering around in unknown territory along with some far-fetched luck can find a sufficient amount for a small, but pleasurable lunch.