As the first day I have had in awhile that was so full of content, today I was more sensitive than usual to the relationship of content density and temporal perception. Particularly was this the case on the ride back to the M.R.S. from Gold Hill. I recall a sense of awe at the existence of the sun in the sky. It seemed to me surreal that it was still indeed there. I felt as though it ought to be dusk, and wondered for how much longer the sky would remain bright, and for how much longer I would continue to feel like the day would never end, like the activity and content would never end. I fantasized about how I would feel when the day became night, and how I would reflect upon the day. Would I feel as though this day had passed rather quickly, as we often feel at the end of any endeavor? Well, I am writing this now, and the sky is still lit, with the sun only now starting its descent past the horizon. Though it is not nighttime, the day still feels long, and that drive feels long ago. I postulate that this unusual extension of time occurs from an overstimulation of the senses and, perhaps, the mind. So this is nothing particularly profound, that much ado throughout the day makes it feel longer. However, I wonder about the relationship of physicality, sensual experience, and the perception of time. How exactly does sensual or mental content relate to one’s comprehension of time?