28 May 2016

Today in the van ride I got the opportunity to eat what our hosts at the sweat lodge had prepared for us Friday evening. I didn’t eat mine that evening. When eating it I was thinking about the way their food wasn’t seasoned. The food at Chip’s house, the night of the lectures, was also seemingly unseasoned. It is criticized by some as being bland, with the implication, if not the outright expression, that the Navajo didn’t have very good taste in food. When eating the food today, I thought about that. I actually think I would argue that they have very good taste, if just different from ours. For some reason when eating, I thoroughly enjoyed actually just tasting the meat, bread, and potato as foods themselves. They all actually have beautiful flavors of their own, but they are subtle. I wonder about what cultural, traditional, and/or holistic reasons exist for the seasoning of their food. At any rate, I just thought it an interesting response by traditional American citizens, who often accompany their meals with hot sauce. Perhaps there is a sort of humility possessed by the Navajo that manifests in the appreciation of the flavor of a foodstuff as it is, itself.