You wouldn’t think that just out of sight, beyond the veil of foliage and brush cement and adobe stack up into the hot and busy world of Santa Fe. It’s a city that at first glance seems made for the out of towner, someone coming in with a fat wallet and decent taste. I had to work to find genuine little moments like this one. Local artisan laying out there wares on blankets in the plaza. An old church with squeaky floors and scratched pews, which you could only enter through the gift shop. Galleries littering the streets as ornate tour busses with modern engines stopping by every noteworthy sight to glance at. The Speakeasy Jazz Cats preform in the square, while punks on rollerblades are trying to fall in love as they circle the monument. A dusty man types away in the sun.

                                            “Santa Fe Ravens

                                                        Stories told

from the Branches

Speakeasy jazz tunes”



Santa Fe, NM

Marshall Deerfield