This was Day 2. It was a pretty long day since we had to travel from MRS to Byers, CO within 7 hours. Thank God Aaron had a very decent transportation – an old Saturn 4X4 wagon with DIY luggage rack – to give me a ride from Rocky Mountain high to Rocky Mountain Plain with my large suitcase and fully-packed backpack.

For the next whole week (plus today), we’re going to stay in Byers to get ourselves busy on doing some proper work. We stay in the M12 Studio as the boot camp for everyday activities and living, and probably the workshop for the next project. Since everything is going to start at today, so yesterday was just a walk-around tour inside the M12.

M12 used to be a location of old grocery store, and later CU rent this house for M12 Studio as a blend-in location for artists’ rural investigations and experiences. Because of this reason, this facility is only used in certain time of the year, and the town of Byers is barely visited by lots of tourists or visitors. The condition of M12 Studio is basic but pretty lovely: it has everything needed for everyday living but not reaching a high crew capacity. The atmosphere is quite and warm, but I still need some time to discover and know the neighborhood and M12 Studio itself. Unless, there is a set of crystal chandeliers hanging on the roof of dining room, so I believe the things will be better after this week.

It’s time to bed, and please put the lights out.