My nostrils were on fire with every inhalation. The only thing saving me was the smell of sage. I don’t know if I was crying or if it was merely sweat rolling down my face. I couldn’t open my eyes either way. The chanting started. The boy who had a quit youthful voice now sounded like he aged 60 years. Suddenly the room felt bigger, not as claustrophobic. The heat and the booming voice were heavy in the air, and every worry I’ve ever had drifted up to join them. I was stuck between a heavenly place and a burning building and I couldn’t think about anything but the present moment and how to breath.


5/26 drove to Kayente - saw coal mines - lecture The drive to Kayenta was a beautiful and heartbreaking one. The sun reflected off of the vast desert, shimmering against the red, orange and violet rock walls. The sky remained unbroken by man, a whole entity that stretched on for miles. Amongst this great space, a holy place for its people, was the visual evidence of the pain and suffering that we as a country continuously inflict upon the Navajo nation. We past the remnants of toxic coal and uranium mines knowing that residents have been poisoned by them. We past the pipeline where 3 million gallons of clean water per day get used to transport the coal from Black Mesa to the plant, knowing that many of the residents live without water and electricity. We past a sign on the coal plant eerily urging people to “have a safe day.”


I feel lucky and blessed.

The field school is over and i've lived so many great experiences these past weeks. I've become friends of great and talented people and have force myself try new things.

Some of my favorite experiences was trying to take pictures of the stars. I've been wanting to do it for sometime and I'm glad i was able to do it here.

I'll start driving home in a couple of days. Everything that I have learn will be very important in my development as an artist.

I hope I can come back soon.


The Field School is close to coming to an end. Its hard to believe that three weeks went by so fast. Although I have to admit that at some times it feels like three months!

It was hard to believe what I was seeing. It was heartbreaking. I feel that is something that should happen in a sad story. Its hard to believe that human beings don't value and use the natural resources in a way that don't hurt nor the planet nor the rest of the human race.

After listening to the presentation at Chip's house. It's hard to believe that coal and uranium mining have been so harmful to this community. I'm sure this isn't the only place where this is happening. It makes me very sad.


One of the most important things I've learned during Field School is the importance of being aware of the "experience" of the moment. In these days we've been thru a lot and each event was an experience that taught me things.

On our way to Navajo Nation, we stopped at Pie Town. Once we got there we went to have lunch at The Gatherin' Place. They were out of pies so we had to wait for them to bake fresh pies. While we waited, I asked If It would be ok for me to take some pictures while they made the pies. They were very friendly and didn't have any problem with that.

it was a great experience, Theres nothing more american than pie. I was in a kitchen where some of the best pies in the country are made. It was something unexpected and I witness everything with my own eyes.


Our Road trip has officially started! Yesterday we spent a lot of time on the road, we drove to Santa Fe, NM. The group divided in two and we Caravanned in two vans.

During our first day on the road we did a couple of stops. The most important for me was Taos, NM. There besides eating tacos, we went to St. Francis Church. That church was photograph by Ansel Adams and Painted by Georgia O'keeffe.

I tried to take my time taking some pictures and living the experience of being there.


Several days ago, when we first got to the Feed Store / M12 Studio, one of the first things I saw was a picture of a structure that was hanging on one of the walls.

After Listening to Richard and seeing his presentation on the evolution of his work and the explanation of M12 we drove to Last Chance, Co. There, on a field, was the structure from the picture.

We got there just as the sun was setting down, I believe it was a great experience being able to interact with the piece, and seeing in person something I had earlier seen in pictures.


Walking around Buyers, Co, I've seen a lot of old cars and old equipment in the farms that I would believe to be inefficient or obsolete but people here still use them and they still do the job. coming from a city and being use to replacing frequently the gadgets and things I use, this makes me wonder. Why are things so replaceable now? its cheaper to buy something new than to replace it or fix it.

When I saw this tractor, I approached the owner to ask him if it was ok if I took a picture at his yard where he had a bunch of cars that didn't seem to work. he told me that he was about to use the tractor to cut the grass in the field next to the yard. I was surprised, i didn't expect the tractor to be in working order.


When you are part of a community, you are a member of a team. In a way that's how I've been feeling here in the Field School. We work on our own projects but we are able to collaborate if we wish with others.

Everybody here has been very helpful, specially Aaron. He is the Graduate Assistant for the course. He's very motivated and is always busy either working on his own projects, or doing class related stuff; If he is not busy doing one of those things, he is busy helping somebody else.

He has been a great resource in the course. I'm glad i got to meet him and other great talented people here.


Today was the first of a two-day working session at Comanche Creek Millworks. The idea is to create tables that are going to be used at the end of the week in a potluck that were having at the Feed Store / M12 Studio in Buyers, Co.

There was a couple of us that didn't have woodshop experience, but everybody was very helpful and after a few hours everybody was confidently working on their projects.

It was a great experience to be able to come up with an idea, develop it, work thru it and end up with a final product.


He was not an abstract nor a hermit…he was both, nor and is, and our nature while also self-created by definition, is the nature of inbalance and non-interest, a nature of what should be – words without action – no Marlboro road…a flow of spurts without recognition of those senses beyond the first five.

Reality? We are all each other and ourselves and dancing to the same music heard differently and using the same steps but seeing each other’s as not our own but it is ours and mine and yours at the same time.

being not is still being as being being is still not and visa versa

This record is good music and not, depending upon what one hears – but remember inside and outside and balance which is not balanced at the same time…remember forgetting…remember inside outside in…Walden is here and so is it not…and do not define good music or good or music without defining definition which has all those positive/negative connotation/illusions as life…as death…as…WALDEN

- Robert Glassenberg
Campus Editor, Billboard Magazine

This post is brought to you by Melissa Sclafani and AA98
….we are sorry (not really).


In Buyers, Co, besides the working space at the Feed Store/M12 Studio there was a field down the road where we were allowed to work. This field is owned by somebody in town but we are allow to work there.

When we went to see this site, there were some horses there and we were told to be careful and not to let them go out while we come in. The instructions were simple. Unfortunately for us, the horses were faster than we thought. On this Sunday afternoon while we were trying to come in the filed, the white horse got out.

Mike went running to the house next to field and a lady came out. He explained the situation and she went back in to call the owner of the horse. She came right out with a bucket of hay, or horse food. She walked to where the horse was. She was able to hold it there, distracting it with the food until the owner got there and put it back in the field.